For exploration and professional development, you are in safe hands

I am qualified to teach and to supervise counsellors and psychotherapists, both individually and in groups. Being a supervisor is really important for me and I work hard to meet the need of my supervisees for support and challenge. My experience of supervision, both as a supervisor and as a supervisee, is that it is an energising environment for professional review and development and a wonderful opportunity to improve confidence as well as competence. I believe that to focus on our continual professional development is essential for ensuring that we offer good quality and safe services to our clients whilst also taking appropriate care of ourselves. 

So, if you want to be challenged but not feel horrible about it, or you want to explore options for working with clients without feeling that you are being told what to do, think about trying supervision with me.

A bit about me

I am a counsellor/psychotherapist, registered and accredited by BACP, working in private practice with individuals, couples and groups using a humanistic and integrative approach. I have been supervising for over ten years using an approach I call integrative-relational. I have experience of employment in counselling and supervising roles, including leading the team of counsellors at Blythe House Hospice. I am also a counselling tutor with the Trafford College Group, having previously taught at the University of Derby in Buxton. I am a qualified psychosexual therapist and have also been part of the teaching faculty at the Centre for Psychosexual Health. As well as being a highly motivated professional, I care about my family, I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and I love to sing.

A bit about supervision with me

I will assume that you are already doing your best to continually develop your practice and to apply what you have learned to your client work. I will trust you. Supervision with me is a time to reflect on career development as well as client work. Interventions from me are supportive. I don't come from a critical place, but I will challenge you sometimes to look at things from a different perspective. I believe that supervision works best where there is mutual respect. So, I will value our relationship and do everything I can to be ready to work hard, while keeping the atmosphere relaxed, in our supervision sessions. With some limitations, I can also be available for emergency supervision. 

My fees and availability

If you are being paid for your psychotherapeutic work, or having your supervision costs reimbursed, I charge £50 for a one hour session or £75 for a 90 minute session.


If you are a volunteer, and not having your supervision costs reimbursed, I charge £40 for a one hour session or £60 for a 90 minute session.


If you want to join up with other counsellors/psychotherapists for group supervision, I can supervise a group of up to 4 and between you I will ask for £50 per hour for a 3 hour session. So, for example, a group of 4 having a 3 hour session will pay £37.50 each (and be able to claim one and a half hours of it in terms of BACP requirements). 


Most of my available appointments are during the day, Mondays to Fridays. However, I do work on some evenings.

Contact me today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me on:


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