Healing your relationship

As a couples therapist, I can help you to understand and address the difficulties you face in your relationship. With my support, you will identify positive changes that you can make for a real improvement. 


I offer two main styles of couples therapy, depending on where your main issues lie. However, I often find I am blending these for the needs of couples whose difficulties do not fit neatly into one box!

Whether I am working with you on relationship issues or sexual issues, you can be assured that I will not judge or criticise you and I will respect your culture and background. I will also help you to take a creative approach to overcoming your difficulties. You might be married, in a civil partnership, or neither of these. You might be living together, or not. You might be straight, lesbian or gay. You might be trans or cis. You might be young or old. Whoever you are and whatever the issues in your relationship, couples therapy will provide a safe and supportive environment in which to make the decisions and changes needed to improve your situation. 

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