A life-changing opportunity

Maybe there's something about the way you're living your life that feels uncomfortable? You want to change but you're not sure how to go about it? Or maybe you just don't know who you are any more?


Many people find it is helpful to have some sessions with a counsellor or a psychotherapist to help you identify what is going wrong in your life and how to make changes to improve things or adapt to a new situation.


I have been working for many years helping individuals to conquer difficult issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and lack of self belief. I have specialised in hospice work, helping people to deal with life-threatening illness or bereavement, and also working with the survivors of trauma and abuse.


I have additional training in helping people with a broad range of psychosexual issues:




- Impact of childhood sexual abuse

- Impact of rape/sexual violence

- Shame

- Sexual addiction/compulsivity

- Sexual self harm

- Family of origin




- Social, cultural and religious beliefs

  about sexuality

- Gender/sexual politics

- Questions about sexual identity

- Sexual preferences, desires, tastes

- Impact of homophobia




- Health issues

- Disability

- Effects of medication/treatment

- Difficulties with sexual desire,

  arousal, ejaculation, orgasm, erection

- Sexual phobias/avoidance

- Fertility

- Body image

- Sexual health




- Low self esteem

- Effects of childhood experiences

- Communication skills

- Relationship seeking

- Relationship sustaining

- Managing conflict

- Sex, power and control

- Sex and intimacy

- Getting the love you want

If you are in a relationship and the issues that are bothering you also affect that relationship, then it is better if you come to me for couple therapy.

Whoever you are...

With whatever issues we are working on together, you can be assured that I will not judge or criticise you and I will respect your culture and background. I will also help you to take a creative approach to overcoming your difficulties. You might be in a relationship, or not. You might be straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning your sexual identity. You might be cisgender, transgender, genderqueer or questioning your gender identity. You might be young, middle-aged or older. Whoever you are and whatever the issues you bring, I will provide a safe and supportive environment in which you can explore your situation and make the changes needed to improve it or to manage better. 

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