When your sexual life is the problem

Sexual difficulties are common. Sometimes they have a physical cause (such as difficulties that result from an illness, disability, surgical or medical treatment) and sometimes a psychological one. Sometimes it is about a lack of understanding, a gap in education. Sometimes difficulties come about from a combination of factors. Whether it is a problem that has always been there or one that only occurs in certain situations, there is no need to suffer in silence.

What could be wrong

Couples often experience sexual difficulties at some point in their relationships - sometimes for obvious reasons and sometimes unexpectedly. Here are some of the more common issues:

  • Loss of the usual levels of desire.
  • Difficulties getting or staying aroused.
  • Orgasms - none or too quick or slow.
  • Pain or discomfort.
  • Limitations caused by illness or disability.
  • Changes due to aging or menopause.
  • Differences in sex drive.
  • Outcome of a difficult or traumatic experience.

It can be difficult to talk about

Sometimes sexual difficulties can continue for a long time or even get worse because it is uncomfortable to talk about it. It is a sensitive area that can easily bring up feelings of embarrassment or shame, even when discussing it with a loving partner. However, asking for help is the best step you can take towards dealing with sexual difficulties and improving your sexual life. Many couples have achieved a positive outcome by having psychosexual therapy.

Psychosexual therapy can help

My training in psychosexual therapy has given me a good understanding of all aspects of sexual relationships. I have a deep knowledge about sexual matters and I am comfortable with talking about sex. 

Psychosexual therapy can help with any difficulties you are experiencing in your sex life and can help you to improve physical intimacy, deal with the problems you're having and find a way to leave them behind. At first, you may be nervous about talking frankly about your sex life, but I'm very difficult to shock and soon you will feel more comfortable.

Exploding the myths about therapy

Having psychosexual therapy is not the experience you might think it is!


I am a psychotherapist, who works with individuals and couples to understand what is going wrong in their lives and help them to find possible solutions. Training in psychosexual therapy enables me to work in the same way when my clients bring issues related to sex. You can expect that I will be asking lots of questions to increase understanding (yours as well as mine) of the problems. I may also give you information which helps to fill gaps in your understanding or correct any misunderstandings about sex. I will certainly be giving you exercises that you can try in between sessions, which we will then discuss at the following session. If appropriate, I will refer you to a medical professional for a check up. So, for you, it will be about talking, listening and learning, and doing some practical exercises in the privacy of your own home.

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